Help and FAQ - Long Range Weather Forecasts

I can not find the location I am looking for. Are you missing the forecast?

We provide forecasts for over 4.6 million locations worldwide; so chances are that we do have it.

  • Make sure that you entered a specific city or a postal code. For example, you would want to enter Paris instead of France.
  • If you entered a specific location, verify the spelling is correct.
  • Try looking for a nearby city or town. Unfortunately, there are a few locations that we were unable to obtain accurate data for.
  • If all else fails, just Contact Us and we will do our best to find your location.

Why have advertisements?

Unlike other weather services, 30DayWeather does not use taxpayer funded National Weather Service forecasts. Our research and development is internal and privately funded. Advertisements allow us to provide you with professional forecasts for free.

What do the different symbols stand for?


Low Risk of Rain/Snow


Start or End of a Risky Period


High Risk of Rain or Snow


Moderate Risk of Rain or Snow

* If it does rain/snow during the month, expect most of it to be on moderate or high Risk days.

What is a Risky Day? Will it rain on a risky day?

A Risky Day is when the conditions are just right for a storm to enter your region. A Risky Day is not a direct rain/snow prediction but, if it does rain during the month, it will usually be on a Risky Day.

What is the Percentage of Risk?

If the conditions in your area are ideal for a storm, the day will have a higher risk. If the conditions are not ideal for a storm, it will have a lower risk.

How do I pick a sunny day?

Try and pick a day as far away from a Risky Day as possible. If you have to pick a Risky Day, pick a day with the lowest risk.

Is this just a Historical Average (Climatology)?

30DayWeather does not use historical averages. While these historical forecasts can be interesting, many users question the accuracy. With “normal” weather increasingly becoming an “unknown”, 30DayWeather provides you with an entirely different type of Long Range Weather Forecast.

My local Short Range Forecast has a hard time predicting more than two days in advance. How can you forecast 30 days?

30DayWeather does not use Short Range Forecasts. Short Range Forecasts depend on current conditions. Current conditions are then projected into the future. The further out you go, the more the accuracy falls apart. Additionally, as conditions change, so does the forecast. This makes planning with Short Range Forecasts ideal for the weather of today and tomorrow but frustrating beyond 48 hours. We highly recommend using our forecast in conjunction with Short Range Forecasts. Use 30DayWeather for planning weather sensitive events in advance and then check your trusted local media’s Short Range Forecast when you are within a day or two of the event.

Why don’t you have updates?

30DayWeather is a Long Range Weather Forecast. Unlike a Short Range Forecast, the factors used to create 30DayWeather Forecasts do not change, so neither do our forecasts. Each individual day is calculated. The result is a forecast that does not change or degrade, in accuracy, over time. Most people use our forecast to plan for their event in advance and then check local Short Range Forecasts, which have constant updates, within a day or two of their event.

Is your forecast guaranteed correct?

Over 50 years of research and we still get some days wrong. 30DayWeather is designed to give you the best Long Range Weather Outlook available. You will have a proven edge over randomly choosing dates.

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